District Sales

Ashtabula River

District Sales

The District annually conducts Fish, White Amur and Tree Seedling Sales for landowners in the county.  Click on the above link of interest for additional information.  *Sale items available primarily for Ashtabula Residents.


The District also is pleased to make available the following items.  These items may be purchased at the District's office.


  Rain Gauges $4.50
 Bluebird Box $15.00
 Bat Box $15.00

Books Available: $2.50/ea

Creating Your Backyard Bird Garden        
Enjoying Hummingbirds
Emjoying Cardinals
Enjoying Purple Martins
Bird Watching For Kids
Enjoying Bird Feeding
Enjoying Bluebirds
Enjoying Woodpeckers
A Guide to Bird Homes

Cooperator Sign $30.00 (plus shipping)
Flags-White/Blue (bundles of 100)$15.00
Danger, Manure Holding Pit Sign $6.00
Topographic Maps $8.00 Ea. Quad Map
Wetland Maps $8.00   
Set (15 Quads) $100.00
Soil Test Kit $10.00