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        Triploid Grass Carp (White Amur) can be successfully used to control excessive amounts of pond vegetation as an alternative to chemicals, water shade and physical harvesting.  Stocking rates recommended vary – many people recommend a flat rate of 10 fish per acre of 10-12” size.

            Successfully managed ponds have 30-40% of pond area vegetated for fish habitat.  A POND DEVOID OF VEGETATION IS UNDESIRABLE; KEEP 30-40% of POND EDGE VEGETATED.  This provides suitable area for fish to spawn and also prevents shoreline erosion.

Factors involved in proper stocking include:

             1)  Size of pond surface area.

          2) Percentage of pond shallower than 8”.

             3) Percentage of pond vegetated in July-August

          4)  Dominant plant species (favored species include:

      Naiad, Leafy Pondweed and Large Leaf Pondweed.

      Less favored are:  Waterlily, Spatterdock, Milfoil, Cattails, Algae)