The 2022 Fish Sale has begun

Orders are due no later than April 7, 2022.
Pick up is Thursday April 14th from 9 AM to 10:30 AM. More info is available in the order form
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2"-3" Largemouth bass $1/fish 2"-4" Black Crappie  $1/fish
2"-4" Bluegill $0.90/fish 8"-10" Triploid White Amur $15/fish
 2"-4" Hybrid Bluegill $0.90/fish Japanese Koi $13/fish
2"-4" Shellcracker $0.90/fish Nature's Pond Conditioner, 1 Gal $90
4"-5" Channel Catfish $0.85/fish 40 lb bag Optimal Fish Food $45
Fathead minnows $8/100 fish  

Some of these species may not work well for your pond and may make management more difficult for you.

I encourage you to read the Ohio Pond Management Book found here for stocking and management information