2023 Seedling Sale update 3/10/23
Orders are due March 17, 2023, or until seedlings are sold out    
Pick up is April 7 & 8. More info is available in the order form





Eastern White Pine - Pinus strobus (25 per pkt.) (25/ pkt) 3 YR (10”-16”) Excellent for windbreak and hedges. Prefers acidic, well drained soils. $25 Sold Out Colorado Blue Spruce - Picea pungens (25 per pkt.) 3-yr seedlings (8”-14”) Used for landscape, windbreaks, reforestation and Christmas trees. Adaptable to variety of soils.  $25 Norway Spruce - Picea abies (25 per pkt.) 5 YR T3-2 (10”-18”) Used for ornamentals, timber and wind/snow breaks. Adapts to variety of soil types. $35
Eastern Redcedar - Juniperus virginiana (25 per pkt.) 1-yr seedlings (5”-10”) Slow growing small evergreen, 10-40 ft tall. Great for hillsides, windbreak, wildlife. Does best in drier upland soils. $20 Scotch pine - Pinus sylvestris (25 per pkt.) 3-yr seedlings (14”-22”) Hardy, short needle, blue-green. Good for timber, ornamental. Adapts to a variety of soil types. $25 Balsam Fir - Abies balsamea (25 per pkt.) 2-0yr seedlings (5”-10”) Highly adaptable to variety of soils and pH, slow grower, mature height of 60’. $20
Tamarack - Larix laricina (25 per pkt.) 1-0 yr (6"-12") aka American Larch. Great for wet areas. Fast growing, 80 ft mature height $20 - We sold out of the 2-0 year olds Sold Out Bald Cypress - Taxodium distichum (25 per pkt.),1-0 yr (12”-24”) Slow growing deciduous conifer that loves wet soil. Great for wildlife. $25 Swamp White Oak - Quercus bicolor (5 per pkt.) 10- yr (6”-12”) Slow grower. One of the best hardwood trees for wet woods. $8
Red Oak - Quercus rubra (5 per pkt.) 2 yr (15-34”) Great for slopes, tolerates fine textured moist soil. $8 Chestnut Oak - Quercus prinus (5 per pkt.) 1-0 yr seedlings (18”-24”) Loves moist, medium textured soil. Resembles an American chestnut tree. $8 Pin Oak - Quercus palustris (5 per pkt.) 2 yr seedlings (14”-24”) Great for wildlife and wet areas. Fast grower $8
Sugar Maple - Acer saccharum (5 per pkt.) 2-0 yr (12”-18”) Adaptable to different soils, important for wildlife and pollinators. $8 Red Maple - Acer rubrum (5 per pkt.) 3 yr (15-30”) Adaptable, but prefers moist or wet acidic soils. May want to protect from deer for the first couple of years. $8 Common Paw Paw - Asimina triloba (5 per pkt.) 2 yr (6”-12”) Slow growth, can take a little bit wetter soil. Edible fruit, wildlife, and pollinator use. $8
Common Persimmon - Diospyros virginiana (5 per pkt.) 1-0 yr seedlings (6”-12”) Adapts to a variety of soils, edible fruit, great for wildlife. Develops a deep taproot. $8 American Plum - Prunus americana (5 per pkt.) 1 yr seedlings (18”-24”) Edible fruit, good for wildlife, and pollinator use. Moderate growth rate, mature height of 24 ft, shade tolerant $8 Butternut - Juglans cinerea (5 per pkt.) 1-0 yr (18”-24”) aka white walnut. Slow grower, perfers medium to course soil and good drainage. Nuts are edible and highly prized. $8
Blackgum - Nyssa sylvatica (5 per pkt.) 1-0 yr seedlings (18”-24”) Great for wildlife and adaptable to a variety of soils. Prefers to be planted in a mixed species tree grouping. $8 White Flowering Dogwood - Cornus florida (5 per pkt.) 2 yr seedlings (10”-15”) Great for wildlife and ethnobotanists. They do best in well drained, pH 6-7, and temperature consistent soil. $8 55 gallon rain barrel with diverter kit for 2x3 downspout $65
For Our Future Special - Potted 1-0 yr Bimundors Oak Quercus x bimundorum (3 per pkt.) 1-0 yr (10”-12”) Locally sourced acorns from Snowy Oak Tree Farm were provided to the A-Tech Horticulture program. They have provided excellent care and Cleveland’s Tilth soil for over a year now and we are ready to sell them! Proceeds go to the A-Tech Horticulture Program and the John Wilson Memorial Scholarship. These trees are hard to buy, fast growers, and great wildlife trees. Limit 2 packs per order. $24