A Little About Us...


The Ashtabula Soil and Water Conservation District is an independent body of state government responsible for the conservation of soil and water resources within its boundary.

The major function of the District is to analyze natural resources needs and to design and implement a program to solve soil and water conservation challenges.

Through the District, the challenges are solved largely by landowners themselves, with technical and educational assistance furnished by the District and other conservation partners.

Formed under and subject to the Ohio Soil and Water Conservation District Law, the District was organized by local landowners January 28th, 1949 and is administered by a board of five supervisors elected by owners and occupiers of land within the District.

The supervisors meet monthly to conduct the District’s business and attend other meetings representing the District. Supervisors receive no monetary compensation for their work.

1949 Ashtabula BOSFirst Ashtabula SWCD Board of Supervisors, 1949

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